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1917 actual film quiz - Name that Concert Party ! - Clue: I don't think it's France as billed


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Forget the latest 2020 film “1917” …..... here’s an actual film from 1917 and the good old days of Music Hall …….. presented in it's magnitude and magnificence for your independent terpsichorean entertainment, your thespian revelation and, no doubt, valued comment. (apologies and acknowledgement to Leonard Sachs). 


Proceeding - it's a British Pathe film filed under “Soldiers concert party. France” and can be found at:




Fascinating "period entertainment" value apart - not least the leading ladies legs - I’m pretty sure this is not France as the vehicles are driving on the wrong side of the road and the local Gendarme on crowd control at 0.14 seems to be wearing a peculiarly British Bobby's helmet. 


Maybe we can actually identify the correct group or even the correct location?


I’ll start.


We know that there are many unit/formation Concert Parties raised and performing in active war zones.  Perhaps less so in UK and even less in UK civilian theatres. I'd offer that this may well be 89 Bde Pierrot Troupe a.k.a. "The Optimists" on their 1917 UK fund raiser for their Comforts Fund.  They were known to have toured several major theatres in Lancashire around Christmas 1917 - apparently raising a truly astonishing £590.  Weather looks suitably chilly ...… I certainly can’t  identify the theatre ........ nor the cap badges.


Over to the Brains Trust …….




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