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Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner: Case #2 - Worcestershire Regiment #5702


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This is a child topic of: Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy


Alan @thetrenchrat22 is looking after this file, so I will defer it to Alan to update this topic if he wishes


:poppy:COG-BR 2007622: Worcestershire Regiment #5720 with a broken disc must be Private Alfred Wall 15 May 1915 36.S.15.a.6.3

  • he is listed with that number also on GRRF 2007323

  • as with the other one above, I will need to check that they were actually in that area at that time

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The primary documents:

  • like so many men here, recovered from the area of 36.S.15.a.6.3
  • south of Richenburg Avenue to the north of Festubert, I propose in May of 1915
  • 5th Brigade of the 2nd Division (LLT Link)
  • they were in the area, according to the 5th Infantry Brigade, at Richebourg-St.Vaast (brigade war diary page 203 of 541)
  • 5 men of the Worcestershire's were KIA on the 14th and only 8 reported wounded on the 15th
doc2007622.JPG doc2007323.JPG


So they are clearly in the area and the additional research should move forward.


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