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Help with an interesting MID; hospital, transport or store ship?


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Hello all


I think I have exhausted my knowledge so any help would be great:


I am researching 100015 J Booth RAMC who was Mention in Despatches which is Gazetted 13 March 1919, page 3455. This interestingly describes the MID as


"for valuable services rendered on the
occasion of the sinking or damage by enemy action of Hospital Ships, Transports and Store Ships"


And then lists 20 individuals made from  RGA, RFA, RAMC, RAOC and New Zealand corps.




What I have found so far:


Medal Index card.


No pension ot service papers.


Thinking all 20 people listed may have been from one ship I Googled some of them and found 3/79 Gillett has a write up. (This is well worth a read...surely he should have received higher recognition...Albert Medal?)

Gillett's MID, I assume, is awarded for his amazing efforts on SS Marquette. 

So I found a survivors list for SS Marquette which Booth is not on.

Of note, Gillett's heroics were 1915, so the LG must be a sweep up at the end of the war. Is this unusual?


Does anyone have any more information on Booth? Or advice for where to look. I would be surprised if all 20 citations for the MID's would match Gillett's, however they still did something on a ship.





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Interesting there are no sailors on the list. Obviously they would have been involved in the events! Were they Gazetted soon after the event instead of years later,  or are Navy and Army not normally mixed on LG

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