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Unusual Webley Holster


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I recently purchased this holster, I've not seen one like it and wondered if anyone else had or has an idea of what it could be? 

Seems too small for even for the smaller webley pistols.

The leather is much thicker than other holsters. And the bottom is open too and has Sam Browne attachment hooks


Any ideas would be much appreciated 

Thank you! 




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Thanks for the replies, unfortunately no date, is this style of holster with hooks for cavalry officers or tanks maybe? 

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Cavalry doubtful. they would have been more likely to use a full size with the full flap holster. You want something easy to grab and hold onto when you're flailing about on top of a horse. If anything I'd think a high ranking officer or staff officer. Once you get to flag rank you can be a bit loose with the dress regulations. Also, side arms for staff officers are  more about decoration than use. I've got a couple of pocket Webleys and they would be fine in a coat pocket but they certainly wouldn't be my first choice for a combat pistol.

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the rear view shows two sets of horizontal old stitching holes where the original rear belt loop had been removed. These make it a cut down Sam Browne pistol case for a Wembley. It may be converted to take a flare pistol hence why the muzzle end is far larger than normal

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There were specific flare pistol holsters. Look like a full flap Webley holster with much larger muzzle end and integral shoulder strap. the muzzle of a flare pistol is so much wider than a MkVI that  I don't think it would fit.

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Hi all,

The only similar/variant pistol cases to the one purchased by BackBadge that I have seen are in a series of photographs taken in Palestine in January 1940, showing them being worn on the waist-belt of the Sam Browne by officers of 1st Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment. They are a perfect fit for the 1913-1924 production Colt Model 1903 or 1908 Pocket Hammerless pistols being worn holstered by the officers.


The photos below are low resolution jpegs of the photos, part of the G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection held by the U.S. Library of Congress. They are attached here, with no known restrictions on their publication and other forms of distribution. See https://www.loc.gov/rr/print/res/258_mats.html 


Extremely high resolution TIFFs of these photos are available by following the links below, and choosing the relevant download option.
















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Interesting how both the officers have the same Colt pistol, rather than a standard military issue revolver.

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Thanks very much for getting back with some answers, the size is indeed too small for a flare gun, so the suggestion on the colt 1903/08 seems to fit perfectly! 

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