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W R Gibbons and Hussars Saddlebags

Simon Birch

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A friend of mine has the saddlebag shown in the attached photo's. They appear to show the name 'W R Gibbons 7th Hussars.' Am out of my normal comfort zone by some way and therefore I am at a loss to find anything for his soldier - so my questions are:

a. Is this an officers bag or did OR's use them as well?

b. Are they WW1 equipment (am guessing they are but am starting to wonder if they were used by Gibbons in some other period?

C. Does anyone have a clue who he was?


Any help would really really be appreciated.


Best Wishes and many thanks,




Saddlebag 3.jpg

Saddlebag 4.jpg

Saddlebag 5.jpg

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1.  See  Res. Regts. of Cav.:



2.  See  9th Reserve Regiment of Cavalry and, under Reorganised Reserve Regiments, 2nd Reserve Regiment of Cavalry :





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Only W Gibbons I found in the 7th Hussar was from 1841 as Private 595

But that bag looks way too modern for that!



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I think this is William Robert Gibbons,

born 10/6/1893


MIC -see below (courtesy Ancestry)

Service Record here at NA under  WO 339/47547

Commissioned  10th Bedfordshire Regt from 1/1 N Somerset Yeo, then trf'd to Res Regt Cavalry (JP's link above)

married  1922, Keynsham to Barbara Jollyman  b 1903


1939 Register Wholesale Grocer and Special Constable ?  still at the Glen, Saltford


Death registered Q4 1972  Somerset






and a little bit of the BWM Roll (courtesy Ancestry)




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Thanks you so much. Cavalry regiments are not my thing so I was stumbling around. I see there is also a WO file for this officer which I shall now get. Many thanks Again!!



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