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Remembered Today:

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Air Force Museum of New Zealand in Christchurch - digitised photographs archive -

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Just spotted from a mailing list:


Museum puts collection of military aviation history photos online.

Thousands of images and digitised photographs from New Zealand’s military aviation history available (to download) through the Air Force Museum of New Zealand's new online archives.

 Around 5,000 images are currently available (c. 0.5% of the total collection) though more images are being uploaded online every day to the Fotoware database.


Initial observations (feel free to comment further / correct):


Only found 10 hits so far tagged WW1 / World War One, though more can be found using other search terms including year (e.g., 1918)

NB the five hits found using the phrase 'great war' pick up a description of WWII ("2nd Great War in Europe from Sept 1939 to May 1945") of photos from the Russell brothers album.  

JPeg photo records also include a useful  permalink. Downloaded jpg file includes all useful tags etc. but not dates from the Date tab  <_<. I wonder whether they could include a year as a tag too?!


Here's an example I downloaded earlier: Portrait of Ernest Taniwha Sutherland. Canterbury Aviation Company graduate number 8. Sockburn Aerodrome. Dated 15/09/1917


Browse option includes Badges, though I found a good number lacked original dates.


I've contacted the museum about a specific photo so will monitor their responsiveness.


Worth monitoring for usefulness. 



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