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Chambrecy British Cemetery


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This is a continuation of the cemeteries associated with the Battle of Aisne 1918 in the Reims Sector. It is a child of:


which has links to all the other "child cemeteries" of this topic.


This may be the first "hospital cemetery" where I have found COG-BR documents. With those there are also GRRF documents from the original burials at Courlandon.


We still have the same problem with this cemetery that we had with the others in the group - the burial coordinates are in the 3 digit French format.


Here is what we have from the CWGC:


The cemetery was made after the Armistice, by the concentration of graves from the surrounding battlefields and from COURLANDON Hospital (French Military) Cemetery.


There are now over 400, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, nearly half are unidentified and a special memorial is erected to a British N.C.O. buried at Courlandon.


The graves are almost all of May/July, 1918, and largely of the 19th (Western) and 51st (Highland) Divisions. The cemetery covers an area of 1,579 square metres and is enclosed by a low stone rubble wall.


The GRRF documents contained with the cemetery records show that the original British Plot at the Coulardon Courlandon French Military Cemetery was at:

  • French Sheet 1/50,000 Reims 34 287.5 x.210.1

That helps explain why the one sheet we do have for Soissons 22 refers to the French series of maps. similar for what we might have for the British Series 76SW. We need to find the complete French series!


Courlandon is northwest of Jonchery-sur Vesle at GPS 49°18'47.85"N 3°44'5.34"E, which itself is northwest of Reims. That is 10 miles northwest of Chambrecy British Cemetery at GPS 49°11'2.27"N  3°50'2.33"E.


The first entry in the Courlandon GRRF documents caught my attention "H.M.S. Egmont" - Longbottom, Off. S. 1914. Sure enough there is a GWF TOPIC about that ship. He was with Atkinson #1643 who was initially listed as RAMC. In the end, both were changed to UBS (see GRRF 1982352). There must be an unresolved mystery to that entry, as it does stand out as rather unique! Check out the CWGC page for Private John Turland to see all the related documents. They clearly say Atkinson had an RAMC badge (COG-BR 1982423). Not sure what the AMB means beside his name - AMBulance? There is a Serjeant J. T. Atkinson # 5216 on the La Ferté-sous-Jouarre Memorial for that area and period of 1914. There are ten (1o) RAMC men on the memorial for 1914 - no matching names or numbers (CWGC List). I see a reference from @David_Blanchard referring to a list of RAMC men (post #15) that served on her - is that a link to this? Then I see David linked him to the same man I was checking - LONGWORTH! The dates there are 1918. The 1918 date would certainly make more sense given that those first two entries are for Courladon 1.A.2 1 and 1.A.2 and then the next ones are 1918.


  • COG-BR 1982439: both a MAJOR and a CAPTAIN from 28 July 1918, but nothing in that period for either - for a fleeting moment I thought of Major Mannock, wrong area of France
  • COG-BR 1982477: has an Officer of the MGC (8?) which was a Lieutenant of the R. Welsh Fus. on GRRF 1982342


The Kipling Memorial (GRRF 1982356) also tells us that the Courlandon Hospital Cemetery had British POWs buried there, so at some point the Germans were in possession of the cemetery. Could that be how the 1914 burials entered the cemetery - if they did?

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Coulardon should have read Courlandon
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For future reference, as I am now mapping the locations of all these UNKNOWNS from the Battle of Aisne and Battle of Marne from May-July 1918, the answer to the question of the 3 digit trench map references has been resolved.


The details are here:


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