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Remembered Today:

Henry George Holbrook RFA 65640


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This man is of interest thanks to a postcard sent to a football club requesting footballs to be sent to the front. It'll be seen in a future book publication.


The person named is: Bdr H Holbrook 65640 6th Battery 40th Division RFA.....


This is what I have found so far;


Henry George Holbrook (b. 24 April 1893 Aston Warwicks.) (d. 5 February 1970 Birmingham)


I have his birth, marriage, death and probate records. I also have him in 1901, 1911 and 1939 Census/Register records.


Attested; 6th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment #8347 (Gleaned this from the Royal Artillery attestation records and confirmed the 1911 census record I found)
(He served in this regiment for just 204 days. He then joined the Royal Field Artillery.)


Attested; Royal Field Artillery #65640 (later service number; 1006408)
Date; 28 April 1911 Birmingham Warwickshire.
(He was noted as a Cycle Maker)


Rank; Bombardier. Promoted to Battery Quarter Master Sergeant.


Regiment; 6th Battery 40th Brigade 3rd Division Royal Field Artillery


Discharged to Section B Reserve; 19 March 1919.


Awarded;    1914 Star (Plus Clasp)
                   British War Medal
                   Victory Medal


Entered WW1 in France on 19 August 1914.


I've tried looking for a WD but without success, is it me? Probably!


Would this man have seen action in all of these battles and actions of the 3rd Division in XL Brigade. 6th Bty. 04 Aug 1914 - 11 Nov 1918?




Any other info I've missed?


Thanks for checking.



Picture of MIC from ancestry.co.uk (free)


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The diary is in four parts.  Here:




Correctly he was in 6 Battery 40 Brigade Royal Field Artillery in  3rd Division.  The Clasp and Roses with his 1914 Star attest to him serving "under fire or within range of the enemy's mobile artillery" between 5 Aug and 22 Nov 1914


The RA Attestation entry and his 7 digit number relate to his re-enlistment after the war for two years.



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Hi Paul,


45 minutes ago, wandererpaul said:

I've tried looking for a WD but without success,


On Ancestry it's here. Some of it is out of date order though. For example August 1914 starts on p92/435. At the National Archives (in 4 parts), it's here.




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Always pleased to see a reference in a war diary to a unit leaving from Amesbury station (as 40 Bde did on Aug 17th and as did so many others leaving from the Plain) as my house is but 200 yards from the site of said station, now the location of our local Tesco.  Totally irrelevant info but it gives me a bit of a kick when I see it!




More to the point - his record will still be with the Ministry of Defence because he served after 1920.

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PS added
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Many thanks.


Will look now...... thank you.


Ah, didn't think about his record still being with the MOD.

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