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Could anyone offer an expert opinion on the attached photo. It is a photo of my great great Uncle George (West). I have always assumed that his cap badge was RE but recently I’ve come to realise the medal record I believed was his, isn’t. I can make out a RE on the shoulder (I think) but does anyone see anything else that I can’t? 
many thanks in advance for any help! 




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Definitely a Royal Engineer Driver (H).  There were two particular RE roles where horsed transport played a leading part, pontoon bridging, and signals line laying.



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Wow! This is so incredibly interesting to me. Thank you so much. He was a fruit and veg dealer in peace time (as far as I can see) Would there have been a reason why he joined the RE?
He definitely didn’t have a middle name - I have his death certificate and he is just George West. 

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If he was a fruit and veg dealer he may well have had a horse and cart.


Can you provide information that might be able to narrow him down, for instance date and place of birth where he lived after the war etc.




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