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Bancourt British Cemetery: Case #1 - Serjeants King's Royal Rifle Corps


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There are three (3) Serjeants of the King's Royal Rifle Corps in the cemetery that appear to have been concentrated from the "British Plot Fremicourt German Cemetery 57c.I.19.d.9.2".

There are also one (1) identified Serjeant of the 18th/K.R.R.C. buried in this cemetery: (CWGC Link)

Another one (1) Serjeant of the 18th/K.R.R.C. has a Special Memorial "C" - Buried near this spot

There are three (3) Serjeants on the Arras Memorial for this period 10 March 1918 - 9 April 1918, two of which are 18th/K.R.R.C. (CWGC Link)

There are also twelve (12) on the Pozieres Memorial (CWGC Link) that would have to be excluded. None of these are 18th Battalion.


Logic tells me that the three 18th/K.R.R.C. Serjeants who belong to the three graves within the cemetery (not the Special Memorial which has no remains) are Bowman, Liddell and Calver.


There are twenty-six (26) other men of the King's Royal Rifle Corps buried in the cemetery, of which twenty-three (23) are with the 18th (Service) Battalion. These numbers exclude the two (2) Serjeants discussed above. The other three (3) are two (2) of the 11th Battalion and one (1) of the 12th Battalion. Nine (9) of those men also have "Special Memorial C", as does Serjeant Bowman.


It gets a bit messy when I check Serjeants missing from the 11th and 12th Battalions as Serjeant Foster Lawrence Golding #R/855 of the 11th Battalion is on the Pozieres Memorial, as other three (3) Serjeants of the 12th Battalion. I think we would find they were well out of the area at the time of their deaths, but I will need to confirm the details. Others with them at that time are in the 66e Sector.

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Rifleman Stronnell in 2.A.4 sent me hunting as he was dated 13 December 1916 from the 15th/K.R.R.C. on COG-BR 1969571.


Once buried and recorded he changed to 28 March 1918 - that is a hard one to explain - must have been something in his paybook? He was 18th Battalion so one on the lists noted previously.


There are a LARGE NUMBER of K.R.R.C. in this cemetery from that location at 57c.I.19 d.9.2! A lot other than the Serjeant are NCO's, so maybe some more to be found here.

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