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Lankhof Bunkers accessible??


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Hi, does anyone know if the Bunkers on Lankhof Farm near Bedford House Cemetery? I know they are on Private land but I was wondering If they let people see them? 

Thanks! Ryan

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Hello Pal.

In the years that I have Battlefield toured, I have not known of access being given. If so, I am sure I would have seen images posted on here. Look forward to being corrected though.

Good luck.


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Ah. That's a shame! I thought as much but thought I'd ask on the off chance.  Cheers for the reply mate 

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If there are cattle around the bunkers, as there often are, you are unlikely to be permitted.

If there are no cattle, and you ask politely at the farmhouse, permission will probably be given.

If you do get in, very interesting: one shows signs of fighting damage around the doorway, most likely when taken by 120th American regiment, and several have nice little fireplaces where the British occupants could keep warm. 



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Oh nice one Peter. I'll have to see what happens on the day then. Be nice to see as I know my great uncle was there with the Leicesters and could have possibly kept warm by one of the fireplaces! 

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