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Algernon A J Allen Royal Irish Fusiliers


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I am trying to piece together the Military history of the aforementioned man.

He was born in Bermuda @ 1895 but was resident in Ireland up to at least 1911

I have found a reference to him as a Brigadier 25th Division but no other details of this.

The few details I have managed to piece together are that in 1915 & 16 he was a Lieutenant in the 27th Light Horse, the only 27th L/H I could find are the Australian/Canadian mounted troops but have failed to find a link, next mention is that he was a Lieutenant 2nd Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers @ 1918.

There then appears a large gap until the 1940’s were he appears first as a Major in the same Regiment (with Princess Victoria's/87 tacked on the end for some reason) then ranks backwards and forwards between Colonel & Lt Col.

I have found a wiki type entry that states 1943-44 Commanding Officer Area/Sub Area Middle East, alas again no details appear, but I assume these records will be with the MOD.

I would be grateful in any help in pointing me in the right direction or any details to uncovering more of his career.


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Ship record for Algernon A going to Canada April 1913. This person born Bermuda according to passenger listing

1915-1918 AAJ Allen in 27 LH. Based Moosejaw, Sask, Canada.

1918 and afterwards record show RIF. Including 1922’ 1932. Ship records showing as army officer in 1920s travelling to Sudan. So a career officer. Another army list shows him in the Channel Islands at one time

born late 1894. His father was a QM in the RAMC. Still in army lists in WW1. But may have ended active service in 1910.

More when I get chance to have a deeper look.. 

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13 hours ago, C4Steve said:

the same Regiment (with Princess Victoria's/87 tacked on the end for some reason)


The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's) was an Irish line infantry regiment of the British Army, formed by the amalgamation of the 87th (Prince of Wales's Irish) Regiment of Foot and the 89th (Princess Victoria's) Regiment of Foot in 1881.

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He is in 1911 Irish Census - click for full record


Living with his family at Dublin. His father is a retired Capt in RAMC


In 1901 census - click - the family at at the same Dublin address and his father is Lt & QM in RAMC active list

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And what you really want is is full name


Algernon Anderson Johnston Allen


with that you are away

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Thanks for your prompt replies.

So the 27th Light Horse must refer to the Canadian and not the Austrailian so that is something cleared up straightaway.
I did find on a Maltese website an entry in 1938 listing his destination as "B.E"? but nothing for the inter war years. The Channel Islands is a new one for me.

There does seem to be more info for his Father than himself, which is the luck of the draw I suppose
Research for him seems to be stuck between plenty for the ranks and quite a bit for the most famous/decorated, but not a lot in between, like the mention of Sudan - nothing else available, unless of course I am looking in the wrong places.

Many Thanks again

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  • 11 months later...

Major Allen was a company commander in 2nd RIF during it's tour of Palestine in 1938/39.

His company fought a significant action against Arab rebels near Um ad Daraj on 28th November 1938 in which three faughs were killed and one, plus a policeman, seriously wounded.  Arab casualties were probably in excess of fifty, with twenty-seven confirmed killed.

I may have more information on Major Allen's time with the Royal Irish Fusiliers, however it is the action at Um ad Daraj that I am looking into.

I hope this helps.

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