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I'm not sure that I've posted this in the right area, but recently Chris Baker did some research for me on my husband's father, William Dennis. We were hoping to find some information for my mother-in-law, who is 85 and unwell. She knew very little about her father, only that he was illegitimate and was born in the Bideford area of Devon, even his age was uncertain. Anyway, we did some digging, and with a great leap of faith we thought we had found him, born in Great Torrington, but nothing added up, there was no way to confirm this was in fact him.

The only thing we knew for sure was he served in WW1, (1st Devonshires even though he lived in Swansea, South Wales) was wounded (lost three fingers) and possibly was transferred to RAF. Anyway, we provided Chris with what we knew, and what he found exceeded our wildest expectations. I can't praise him enough, he has made an old lady very happy, and obviously provided the rest of the family with a great deal of history! Don't hesitate if you are considering having some research done, I don't think we would have found as much as Chris however thorough we were!



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Thanks for sharing this, Chris.

New life breathed into a forgotten story, that's what this Forum is all about.



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Great story !!!

It's quite obvious to me that Chris Baker's passion for the soldiers of the Great War is unsurpassed my many in this world.

The Long Long trail and this forum have helped me also learn about my family's contribution to the war.

A raise of my whisky glass to Mr Baker.



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Jay and Jim,

Thanks for your response, and I'd just like to say that I don't think members of the Great War Forum realise how very greatly they are all appreciated, the help they have given me in the past couple of months has been stupendous, without it I would have struggled to put together basic details about my father's two brothers, but rest assured this will not be a brief interlude for me, I find all aspects of WW1 so fascinating, it will be an on-going experience which my family also share.

Thanks again everyone for your help.



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