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Remembered Today:

Francis Perkins 13190 N+D Sherwood Foresters


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Hello from London Canada :) via Nottingham

 Long time lurker first topic so here goes.

Thanks for all the great info over the years


Looking for any info on Francis Perkins kia Ypres sept 20 1917 17th bn battle of Menin Rd

missing in action Tyne Cot

All records destroyed in ww2 unfortunately.

I wrote the regiment 10 or so years ago and they gave me a rough battle diary of the unit but I know how easy it is to get shuffled about.

so after tracking down some friends family on Canadian sites I ran franks name and found his medal card on the kew nat'l archive site.

it shows the 3 service medals and first service at the Balkans, Galipoli? 31-2or12? 15 watermark was in the way .


Just wondering if anybody could say if he would have been with 17th all the way through or any tidbits really.

I will attach some pics if i'm able to.

Cheers Jim P9904C6B6-AD8F-48D9-B34C-6107EF8BC23B.jpeg.eaec805c1b6a766323cb79b9764a32be.jpeg

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Just a snippet you may not have seen....The casualty list of Sept 4th 1914...courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive. 



Posted missing on Nov 13th 1917.




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wow you are fast :) that's him Hyson Green is where my dad grew up. was that the Nott'm Post? I tried to find their archive quickly but no luck.

was hoping they would have a pic or some more family members and  info. I don't think we have any pics of him unfortunately.

Thank you though 

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Hi....just had a quick search before I went to bed!!

   Both from the official weekly casualty lists...I would be surprised if there isn't more to be found in the Nottingham papers, but the archive is not showing me anything region specific unfortunately. 


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There are some records on Find My Past including two medical records.

They are for July 1917 and indicate 9th Battalion D Company. Gassed. Shell wound




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Also within Forces War Records

First Name:
Index Number of Admission:
Service Number:
Years Service:
2 years
Months With Field Force:
2 years 1 month
Gassed shell. S. W.
Date of Admission for Original Ailment:
Date Transferred to Other Hospitals:
No. 6 Convalescent Depot 29/07/1917
Date of Transfer From Sick Convoy:
No. 28 Ambulance Train
Number of Days Under Treatment:
Number/Designation of Ward:
Notes written in the Observations Column:
Ypres 23/07/1917 No. 64 Casualty Clearing Station.
Church of England
Notes written by FWR when Transcribing:
W noted in Disease column = Wound, can be put forward as an eligible candidate to be awarded a wound stripe.
9th (Service) Battalion (Why is this important?)
Other unit info:
D Company
Archive Reference:
MH106/1140 MH106/1140 can be found at The National Archives in Kew, and contains First World War Representative Medical Records of No. 18 General Hospital: 19/07/1917 to 03/08/1917. British and Colonial Other Ranks, R.F.C. and Operations. No. 18 General Hospital at CAMIERS, FRANCE (12 U.S.A. Base) Ser: 1026-3005.



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Thank you all for the responses. I used my mum's ancestry account to check those, cool to see the original documents.

The findmypast one is very interesting, I did a free trial but won't let me see the records without paying.

Curious if the service record is actually there, I was under the impression it was destroyed, could anybody check for me please.

As for the medical record, was that both that were posted on here?

I never knew anything about him getting gassed etc  , going to have to find the info as to where the unit was.

Now I need to track down a photo of him but I won't get my hopes up. 


Thanks again everyone, Jim P

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No service record unfortunately-unless I've missed it!



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