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6th Reserve Park ASC - what did they do?

Blue Dragoon

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I'm researching 308016 Driver Herbert Rock 6th Reserve Park ASC.  I have all his records (MIC, MIR, Service Record, pension record, CWGC detail etc) but trying to assess what he could have been doing on the day of his death (KIA) 23 Oct 1917 IVO Ypres.  Having some difficulty working out where 6th Reserve Park ASC were based at this time, which Div they serviced, what services they provided and whether they had a war diary. 


Any help/guidance appreciated


Screen shot taken from 1914 Order of Battle

reserve parks.JPG

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Cheers Alf, great direction


the 6 Reserve Park war diary entry for the 23rd Oct reads


Dickebusch (Just SW of Ypres) 


Preparing camp etc. 

No3 Section attached 1st ANZACS.

25 pairs? and wagons parade 4 am for duty on forward roads CRE 39 Div.  

25 pairs? and wagons parade 4 am for duty on forward roads 146 ATC RE

25 pairs? and wagons parade 4 am for duty on forward roads CRE 21 Div.


No work carried out by No2 section.  Roads heavily shelled.

T308016 Dvr Rock H killed whilst on duty


Amazing they actually named him in the war diary.  I draw the following conclusions from the entry.


6 Reserve Park were doing camp and road maintenance support on the day to various Divs IVO Ypres (North and North East in preparation for 3rd battle of Ypres)?.  Do you think I can assume therefore that 6 Reserve Park are a Corps asset?

Dvr Rock was probably killed in action whilst undertaking road maintenance support operations with an assigned RE element just North or North East of Ypres.


Still like to know more about the 6 Reserve Park ASC capability.





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Great research! My understanding is that a Reserve Park was a horse-drawn transport unit of company strength whose initial role was to carry reserve rations, baggage, etc. in order to support a division during mobile warfare. When trench/static warfare made this role unnecessary, they were employed on general transport tasks. In the example you provided, they were working with the RE. They were probably hauling gravel, etc. As you can see, there were two horses per waggon. Another term for a team and waggon was a “turn-out”. Hope this helps.


All the best,



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Hello Blue Dragoon


Waggoner is right. Reserve Parks were provided on a scale of one per division, although they were not divisional troops as such. They were meant to supplement the activities of Divisional Supply Columns in case of heavy demand, or when passage of roads was difficult. Each Reserve Park had 152 two-horsed wagons, pulled by heavy draught horses.


Originally Lines of Communication Troops, they later came under the control of GHQ Troops directly. I cannot trace any attachments to Corps or Army Troops, but this may have occurred on a short-term basis from time to time. By the end of the war they had been mechanised and were redesignated GHQ Reserve MT Companies.



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Waggoner and Ron, many thanks

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