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Survivors of HMS Pathfinder


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Hello everyone! I have been researching the survivors of HMS Pathfinder for a small website I am making dedicated to the crews of Royal Navy ships that are a bit of a mystery. One of these ships is HMS Pathfinder as many of the roughly 48 survivors are unknown. Below I have listed 38 survivors, all of whom, besides Stokers Lindsey and Warwick, have the Pathfinder listed in their records (I believe). Lindsey and Warwick were likely to have been on board at the time, however. If any of you have names that could be added to this list, please let me know. Here is the list...


*Clicking on the linked names brings you to a photograph of them that I have put on Imgur. They have all been found on the internet, and I do know the location of photos of AB Marriott and ERA Heath, but they are under copyright and must be found using a British Newspaper Archive subscription. If you have one and would like to see the photos, please contact me.


Royal Navy Officers (Exactly 9)

Captain Francis Martin-Leake

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Gwillim Robinson

Lieutenant Frederick Cobb Finnis

Lieutenant (E) Cyril Bedford Evington

Staff-Surgeon Thomas Aubrey Smyth

Acting Sub-Lieutenant Edward Oliver Sonnenschein

Paymaster Lieutenant Alan George Bath

Carpenter Daniel Edward Wood

Assistant Clerk Charles Harbottle Rae


Royal Navy Ratings (At least 28)

Able Seaman Joshua Pengall Adcock 236036

Stoker 1st Class Arthur Henry Bannister SS109475

Stoker Petty Officer Walter Smith Binnington 300347

Able Seaman William Beaton Brett J25154

Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Stanley Bruce M4285

Able Seaman Reginald Thomas Fothergill J13361

Telegraphist Henry Harness J1147

Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class James Edward Heath 272486

Stoker 2nd Class William Abraham Eric Knight Hughes K22058 

Able Seaman Arthur Ernest Jackson 230990

Mechanician Philip Jones 293071

Leading Signalman Samuel Edward Kevan 225053

Leading Telegraphist Arthur Edward Lawrence 231921

Stoker 2nd Class Ernest Walter Lewis K21852

Stoker 1st Class Herbert Lindsey SS101403

Able Seaman Charles James Marriott 162844

Acting Leading Stoker Joseph McDermott 297245

Stoker 1st Class Frederick Mead 298357

Stoker 1st Class James Noy K7603

Able Seaman Cecil Charles Payne 238159

Stoker 1st Class William Henry Pring K5035

Able Seaman Alfred Edward Reed 236617

Boy 1st Class William George Rogers J22621

Boy 1st Class Alfred Richard John Trimming J20967

Leading Seaman Patrick Alexander Turner 219960

Stoker 1st Class Harold Warwick K15237

1 Unknown Chief Petty Officer

1 Unknown Signalman


Royal Marines (At least 1)

Private James Marland RMLI Ch/11430


Died of Wounds (4)

Petty Officer Prentis Stephen Brash 180365

Telegraphist John Raywood Charlton J11654

Leading Cook's Mate Thomas James Howard M43

Stoker 1st Class Alfred Rumbles 223110



Feel free to use this information anywhere else, just don't claim this as your own original research if you found this here. I do not mean to be "that guy", but I have spent a large amount of my time researching this ship and would prefer others not to take credit. This does not mean you have to credit me, however.



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11 hours ago, horatio2 said:

A correction - Marland's RMLI Register Number was Chatham/11430 (CH/11430)

Thanks very much! I accidentally left out the Ch and 0!

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Hi, another survivor not listed anywhere appears to be K.11020 Stoker 1st Class J. Thompson. He joined Pathfinder on the 31/7/14, then HMS Pembroke II on the 6th September 1914 the day after the Pathfinders sinking.

I can only imagine his name was not updated on the ships company as war had only just broke out and Pathfinder sunk so early. I have his Naval General Service Medal with clasp Persian Gulf 1909=1914,  for his service on HMS Perseus. This was a re-issue in 1919 as I assume his original was lost onboard Pathfinder. His service records support all this, born in Belfast 1892, joined the Royal Navy 1911. I cannot find anymore out about him other than he survived the war and was entitled to a trio.



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15 minutes ago, Paul Hutson said:

I can only imagine his name was not updated on the ships company as war had only just broke out and Pathfinder sunk so early

His ADM 188 record clearly shows him drafted to PATHFINDER as List 17 on the Ship's Book. List 17 was for ratings drafted as "Supernumeraries borne for victuals only". He was not Ship's Company (List 5). This information does not positively confirm that he was actually in PATHFINDER when she was sunk but it is more likely than not.

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Thanks, yes it's probably one of those that we will never know for certain, but I do think with his NGS being re-issued as having lost his original and his character assessments dropping i.e time in cells following the sinking that it all points to some sort of incident affecting him. I shall carry on researching and one day hope to find out one way or the other.




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Hi Watspoon

Very interested in Pathfinder survivors being a relative of Telegraphist Harry Harness.  I've looked at your list of survivors and noticed Stoker Petty Office Walter Smith Binnington born 1883 in Beverley Yorkshire. I'm particularly interested in tracking down men from the East Riding of Yorkshire and have found Binnington's service record but he does not appear to have been on the Pathfinder. Does anyone have any suggestions?  Also I came across an article in The Globe of 16th September 1914 reporting the experience of a 'Hull Man'. Is this another survivor or could he be the unknown signalman you refer to?  

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Welcome to the GWF @oldamos

Youe are correct about Binnington's record: he was on the books of HMS HALCYON (Lowestoft base) until 3 September 1914 and then on the books of HMS PEMBROKE II (Chatham) from 4 September. I can see nothing to associate him with PATHFINDER.

@Watspoon, who started this topic, may have additional information but he has not visited the GWF since February 2020, You could try sending him a personal message.

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Hi Paul 

Medal K.11020 Stoker 1st Class J. Thompson is now with me and one which will be interesting to find out whether he was a Pathfinder survivor. If I find any new information I'll let you know.


Kind regards


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