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Anybody know location?


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Anybody know the exact location of the pillbox in the image please. I am hoping to find the mine craters and pillboxes around Messines Ridge area for a visit next year. 



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That's in the New Zealand Memorial Garden on Messines Ridge.

There are 2 in the NZ Cemetery, but you can only see the roof of the other one.

The one in your picture is a short walk , 50 yards or so, into the garden.

The other is immediately as you enter from the car park.


They both show up well on Google Streetview:



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I've visited the Island of Ireland Park many time and I'd no idea that was only a few fields over!

Definitely on my list for the next visit now, don't know how I missed it!

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This is one I took a few years back:




And the inside:




And the view:




And the other box by the entrance from the car park:





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Thanks for the above


mebu I do have that somewhere so I will have a look thank you v much 



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Dazscuba, preview.tmapper.com has the Messines Mine craters overlayed on a zoomable map.  The list (Wikipedia, Creative Commons) is:


Hill 60 50.82389 2.928889
Caterpillar Crater (Hill 60 B) 50.82222 2.928611
St Eloi 50.80889 2.891944
Hollandscheschur Farm 1 50.79722 2.869444
Hollandscheschur Farm 2 50.79694 2.867778
Hollandscheschur Farm 3 50.79806 2.868056
Petit Bois 1 50.78833 2.865556
Petit Bois 2 50.78944 2.865556
Maedelstede Farm 50.78306 2.865833
Peckham 1 50.77972 2.863889
Peckham 2 50.78111 2.865556
Spanbroekmolen (or Lone Tree Crater, Pool of Peace) 50.77583 2.861667
Kruisstraat 1 50.77111 2.865
Kruisstraat 2 50.77056 2.864444
Kruisstraat 3 50.7725 2.867222
Kruisstraat 4 50.77111 2.865
Ontario Farm 50.764 2.876917
La Petite Douve Farm 50.75572 2.893583
Trench 127 Left (or Trench 127 North) 50.74861 2.903889
Trench 127 Right (or Trench 127 South, Ash Crater) 50.7475 2.904722
Trench 122 Left (or Factory Farm 1, Ultimo Crater) 50.74333 2.9125
Trench 122 Right (or Factory Farm 2, Factory Farm Crater) 50.74167 2.913056
Birdcage 1 (or Trench 121) 50.73917 2.9075
Birdcage 2 (or Trench 121) 50.73889 2.907778
Birdcage 3 (or Trench 121) 50.73889 2.908611
Birdcage 4 (or Trench 121) 50.73889 2.908333




Some, like Spanbroek Crater, are easily seen from StreetView:



Have a wonderful trip.

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As you come out of the Newzealand Memorial Garden, this was the view I had a few years ago. In putting new water pipes in they uncovered part of the 'Bluaw Graben' Blue Trench, Doubt the spelling is right.

Messines Ridge New Trench - Copy - Copy.JPG

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Messines Trench new.JPG

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Also for reference

Messines Trench3 - Copy - Copy.JPG

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Messines Trench.JPG

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Just to show what is under your feet when Battlefield touring. The horizontal slit in the pic had eight German grenades in it. All other, removed before I arrived. 


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