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Neuville St Vaast november 1915


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I have only just noticed this question. In order for you to obtain the best reply, you might need to make your question a bit more precise. The entire area was the responsibility at that time of 1st Bavarian Army Corps, which comprised Bavarian Infantry Divisions 1, 2 & 10 (although 10 Div units seem only to have been partially present). That means you are in luck if you want great detail, because the Bavarian Army records, preserved in Munich in the Kriegsarchiv are just about the most comprehensive in existence.

Of course the Germans were not actually 'at Neuville St Vaast'. Their lines were just to the east of NSV, running north south as the Prinz Reuss Stellung. The section closest to Neuville was within the boundaries of 2nd Bavarian Infantry Division during your period of interest, so candidates for being the regiment you are after are Bavarian Infantry Regiments 12, 15 and 20 in that order of probability.

I hope that this helps


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