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Remembered Today:

Did you contribute to IWM "Lives of the First World War " website

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There is a lively discussion started by Matlock on some current issues with the LOTFWW website. I've made a few comments but women's voices are sadly missing from this discussion. Please read the entire thread as the situation has changed over the past week. Constructive comments and observations are very welcome. 


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Thank you for raising this important LOTFWW topic here in "Women" and giving the link to the current main thread.

Sadly women were perhaps not as well catered for as men in the original LOTFWW build but hopefully they need not be left behind in the Permanent Digital Memorial.

Positive ideas to help IWM LOTFWW / PDM are sought on the main thread.

Solutions to help IWM and THE LOTFWW / PDM legacy where possible please.


:-) M

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Hello again Lizbet,

In answer to the OP (i) I did contribute to LOTFWW, and (ii) in relation to this subforum, I added some contributions in relation to Estelle Pankhurst and Norah Veronica Lyle Smyth. They were mentioned in an exhibition in Bethnal Green's Four Corners studio.


It was interesting to read of their initial involvement in the anti war movement, and to read of their efforts to improve the welfare of those in the East End during WW1. In addition, there were pre-war photos in relation to the Suffragette movement. Certainly a hidden history.

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