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Treaty of Brest-Litovsk


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I wonder if anyone knows exactly where the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was negotiated and signed? I’m visiting Brest soon and am intrigued to know whether the building where these historic events took place is still standing. If it is then I will endeavour to find it. 

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Thank you very much JWK. The Brest Fortress is on my itinerary so that ties in nicely. Clearly there is not much left of the actual building but it will be good to be within touching distance of such an important piece of history.

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Here's the (beautiful) handwriting of someone who was there: Franz, Freiherr von Mirbach, member of the Austro-Hungarian delegation (card is from more than a year before the Treaty, and has nothing to do with the Treaty ofcourse):



On this (Dutch) wiki-page photo he's the first one on the left pressed against the wall, behind that second row/wall of officers




*edit*: Oh, and is that Elvis on the photo I posted of the (former) White Palace? ;)

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