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85539 Trimmer John Thompson


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I have recently started a project to find details of the men named on the village War Memorial. I am not local and know very little about the area, but am doing the job anyway.

I needed to find a John Thompson who was killed in WW1. I have just waded through most of the 645 records that come up for "J Thompson", and found him :D

He was a 17 year old kid, born in the village, who was a "Trimmer" in the Mercantile Marine Reserve. He died when the "Laurentic" struck a mine off Lough Swilly. His body was buried in County Donegal.

Reasons for this post:

1) What exactly did a Trimmer do?

2) I had to tell someone. My partner thinks I am a lunatic bothering with all those dead people!

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Thanks Jon, it did help.

The poor little ****** never had much hope, stuck in a hold full of coal when the ship hit a mine.

****** me, you can't say ******! :rolleyes:

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