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memorial for gunner 48th Bty Royal Garrison Artillery

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Good Afternoon

I have this interesting memorial print, Could any of you assist me with some queries I have.

The print was obviously made post 1932 due to Thiepval being depicted, it commemorates Wilfred Charles Sowter who died April 1915.

What I would like to know is why he is buried/commemorated in Cassel Germany. I have done some research and found that this cemetery was used after the war as the main burial place for POW, and other graves were moved there.

The print has details of the cemetery printed on it and there was obviously a space for a name left blank.

It looks like his details were cut out from a graves registration book and stuck in. 

The designer is M.C 

Has anyone seen another print like this? It must have been costly to pre print cemetery names, if it was an individual picture organised by the parents of Wilfred why were his details not printed on at the same time as the cemetery.

Also in April 1915 where were prisoners take?

Any other assistance happily received.


IMG_8967 (1).JPG





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  • Admin

As far as I know, these prints were mass produced, with the casualties name inserted. 



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