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I was asked the question last night but not sure of the answer

from WW1 is there any German graves in the UK and if so where?

i know that there are a large number from WW2 but never seen any from the First W War.

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Cannock Chase


There are 2 cemeteries;


Cannock Chase War Cemetery



and Cannock Chase German MilitaryCemetery






In fact, use the CWGC site filters




If you use the filters you can find the WW1 German and Austrian burials.






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There are the seven buried in the Brookwood Military Cemetery https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/268257-german-burials-and-graves/?do=findComment&comment=2719385 . Then there's the  mystery of those that may or may not have been buried in, or subsequently moved  from,  the churchyard at Monkton Tarrant https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/156794-unnamed-german-graves/?do=findComment&comment=1513250





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