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Frank Flanders

La Plus Douve Farm 1917

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Frank Flanders


can someone tell me

1) which Battalion HQ and eventually ADS or Field Ambulance there was at La Plus Douve Farm on 7 May 1917 ?


2) which Battalion HQ and Field Ambulance there was at La Plus Douve Farm on June 7th (1st day of Messines Mine Battle) ?


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Hello Frank

I have looked through my copies of the battalion war diaries - a bit of a hit and miss affair: I don't have them all, and the diary authors are not always helpful. I have no material about the ADS or Field Ambulance. With those caveats, I can state these as accurate:

2 April 1st Canterbury used Plus Douve as its battalion headquarters [they were relieved by 2nd Wellington (left sector - Stinking Farm to Wulverghem road) and 1st Auckland (rest of the sector) on 5 April]

23 May : 2nd Canterbury had its headquarters at Plus Douve

30 May 1st Canterbury relieved 2nd Canterbury in the Douve Sector


So a couple of points to extrapolate from. I would hazard 2nd Wellington for 7 May and 1st Canterbury for 7 June. And I would be more confident with the 7 June!


Hope this helps refine your search


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