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Dirty Harry

233rd Divisional Employment Company

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Dirty Harry



I cant find the war diary for 233rd Divisional Employment Company (36th Division) on ancestry.  Does anyone have a clue where i could look ???





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jay dubaya

Not sure that DECs would have kept a war diary Paul, it may be worth searching through the divisional HQ diaries to see if there is any mention also may be worth looking under divisional troop diaries. 




edit, just had a snoop through the NA catalogue which does list a couple of DECs but mostly Canadian Area Employment Companies. Link to NA here

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Ron Clifton

Hello Paul


There does not seem to be a separate diary for this company, but you may like to try one of the following:

WO 95/2491 Headquarters Branches and Services: General Staff 1915 Oct. - 1917 July  
WO 95/2492 Headquarters Branches and Services: General Staff 1917 Aug. - 1919 Feb.  
WO 95/2493 Headquarters Branches and Services: Adjutant and Quarter-Master General 1915 Oct. - 1919 June  

They can be downloaded from the Kew website, www.nationalarchives.gov.uk for about £3.50 each. You may need to add a suffix such as /1, /2 etc as there may be two or more chunks of diary in each file. If you have access to Ancestry you may be able to get them free.

War Diaries rarely mention individuals by name other than officers, but numbers of casualties each day are nearly always given, and the location of the unit, with a short description of its activities, is given on each day.


Good hunting!



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