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This may seem a bit stupid, but does the "residence" field in Soldiers Died refer to the soldier or his next of kin??

I initially thought the former, but am now leaning towards the latter. Obviously for a large number of men it wouldn't have made too much difference as they would have lived at the same place as their next of kin..but the following have got me thinking...

I've come across a number of men where I know where they living prior to the war, but it's not the same as their "Residence" in SD. The SD "Residence" is that of their next of kin.

For example:my g-g-uncle George William Boyall, was born in Stamford, Lincs, grew up in Ketton, Rutland where he lived with his parents until enlisting at Stamford in 1911. However, in SD his Residence is listed "Essendine". Essendine is shown in his records only on his "Effects Form 118A" and another form titled "Statement of the Names and Addresses of all the Relatives of the Deceased Soldier..." as his wife's address. What isn't shown is that she moved there in April 1918 to rejoin her family after he returned to the front. Can't find anywhere in his service papers where it lists his "residence".

I also have examples of unmarried men who moved away from the town years before the war, never returned to work or live or even to enlist. However, their former hometown is listed as their residence. Couple of examples:Richard Hennessey, 2314 S Lancs and George Harris, 15006 SLI. Both had moved from Stamford (where their respective parents still lived) before the war, joined their local units, but still have "Stamford" as their residence.

I have one man, Arthur Mackay Marks who appears to have never lived at his "Residence". Being a well known figure in the town, killed early in the war with the local territorials, Marks has a fairly detailed obituary. Gives a fair amount of detail including the number of years he had lived in Stamford and former towns where he'd worked. Wolverhampton is given as his Residence in SD. Unsurprisingly the obituary (and CWGC) show that his next of kin, his sister lived in......Wolverhampton. Whereas there is no record of he ever living there...

One final example, Richard Major Robinson. An apprentice chemist, living and working in Stamford in 1914. When he is injured, there are plenty of articles which clearly show that Richard was living with his grandfather in Stamford while learning his trade. They also show that his father "....left the town two years ago for Patrington, Yorks where he...." However Richard has the village as his "Residence". He is, however buried there, having died in the UK from wounds suffered at the front.

There doesn't seem to be a place in the service record for the soliders' residence to be listed, but at least two for the residence of his next of kin....how likely is it that "residence" in Soldiers Died refers to the nok?

Any ideas, or examples would be much appreciated?

James (confused) :blink:

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You refer to stamford alot -Im in Peterborough - are you local ? Send me an email..

This is a bug bear of mine. I collect Coldstream Gds - several seemed to "live" in Windsor. I think though the battalion was just there for ever so put it as the address. I cant find a couple of men in the local paper or on the war memorial but lived in Windsor. Making it worse, one is a drill sergent MM MID etc and the other A CSM - but nothing

I have noticed that the war memorials are often in the town/village where the parent lived and not always where the soldier "lived"

Very frustrating...


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As far as I know the residence is where he was living at the time of enlistment.


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Thanks for the replies,

Ian-have PM'd you. Have found some people on memorials with the most "strained" relationship to the location that you could find, whereas other individuals don't seem to be commemorated anywhere...

Julian-Good idea about the AVLs. Might try this with Boyall, as he was KIA in late 1918, and hopefully would be on an AVL.

Tom-I would agree with you but for two reasons. One: the examples I've posted in this thread. Two:can't find where it shows the residence of the soldier at time of enlistment in any service record I've come across.

Jim, (still confused)

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If the place of birth and the residence are the same they can leave the residence slot blank.


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Thanks for the links. I knew it had been discussed in the past, but try doing a search on "soldiers died" and see how many hits you get!

I would imagine this topic will probably never be resolved...


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