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Major Memorials Name & Addenda Lists


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As far as I can tell, these have not yet been posted. I need these to check UNKNOWNS that were added to the memorials in recent years. One might ask "Why not just check the CWGC database?". A good start, but I have hit a number of cases where you need to know more, for example the person:

  • moved from one memorial to another memorial because they were initially named on the wrong memorial, sometimes in the wrong country (i.e. Private Hart)
  • did a double shift moving from memorial X to memorial Y and then later was changed from an UNKNOWN to a KNOWN (i.e. Private Montanelli)
  • moved from a known grave to a memorial due to a previous mis-identification (i.e. Lieutenant Colonel Stewart, Lieutenant PatonPrivate Dickinson, and Private Hilton)
  • was added to a memorial, when they came "in from the cold" but not yet found in a cemetery
  • was removed from a memorial when their grave site was identified (i.e. Corporal Carroll)
  • served under an alias

In the current case I am trying to resolve, the soldier (Lance Corporal O'Hare) was not identified as the occupant of a grave after the war when it was clear he was the only candidate - why? Then in 1996 his name is added to the Arras Memorial. To solve this riddle I need to figure out why it took from 1916 to 1996 to have his name appear on the Arras Memorial. There was some suggestion that his name had been incorrectly listed on the La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial and was later moved to the Arras Memorial. A check of the original names list for that memorial did not contain his name. Next question then becomes, was he named on the Thiepval Memorial, as that is where the rest of the division was still fighting and where the others were named? Nope, his name was not in the original list. So did he "come in from the cold"? Appears not, he is not listed on the groups website or the forum. The case of Lance Corporal O'Hare also revealed that the CWGC has the wrong date and number of Private Thomas Walkington, so his name has to be moved from the Thiepval Memorial to the Arras Memorial as well.


All of that led to the need for the ORIGINAL PANEL LISTS and the ADDENDA LISTS for the main memorials. I will add more of the names and addenda to the list below as they are assembled:



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Something strange with this one 10/10/1918: https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/1746651/maund,-alfred/


This is for the Archangel Memorial but his sheet says Vis-en-Artois Memorial? There are other 2/10 Royal Scots there such as Salmone 11/11/1981, so even the dates are close: https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/471994/salmons,-christopher-albert/


2nd column, third from the bottom



he does not appear on the sheet for Privates




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