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Togoland Polizeitruppe

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I have interest in learning about the Polizeitruppe, particularly Ewe members, their service, actions and accounts (if there are any), but sadly most information written of the Togoland Campaign in English is of the Allied perspective, and what little it mentions of the German side of things involves their Colonial Officers.
I'm hoping I'm missing something, and that someone on here can help me out with information on this native force.


My biggest questions are as follows:

Are there any accounts written by veterans of the Togoland Polizeitruppe, preferably translated into English? Alternatively accounts written by their Colonial Officers.

What percentage of Ewe composed the Polizeitruppe?

Were the Polizeitruppe still using single shot '71 Mausers by 1914? I know they were using them as late as the Battle of Adibo in 1896 against the Dagbamba.
Did they acquire machine guns by that point either, and where they employed?

Was Lieutenant George Thompson was killed by native members of the Polizeitruppe?


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5 hours ago, rolyboy11 said:

A useful start if you have not already found it ........ http://www.germancolonialuniforms.co.uk/ 



Thank you. I had found it previously, but seem to have forgotten the information provided on the Kar98az and Maxim.

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Sorry I have no details on native troops, but if you check the Verlustlisten 1. Weltkrieg you will find around 390 names of white soldiers who served there.


Just enter "Togo" and there names will come up, I am unsure if native troops are also there?




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