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Photo = May be someone's relative and of interest.

Other info welcomed.


No details on rear but photo slip front is "A Portrait - By Chas. Holden, 27 Wilmslow Rd., Rusholm, Manchester"



Post card - signed "Sincerely yours Aspey" in a similar hand


PossiblyGunner Chas E Aspinall 743564  Headquarters RA, XIV Corps, BEF Italy

[As from the collection of a soldier {from Manchester} - details taken from his diary/address book and there are several diary entries = "Wrote to Aspey"]


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2 hours ago, Keith_history_buff said:

I know - but I was just going on the address book entry as a 'possible' for starters

Aspey -v- Aspinall

Maybe one day we will find out.

In hope ...


I also now note the left ear/earlobes perhaps look different ???

One thing I will say is that although the handwriting inscriptions are similiar they are not exactly the same (are anyone's?)


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