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Remembered Today:

Trench Art Dagger, Arras


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In April I was given some Trench Art for my 40th birthday

No Date given , only ARRAS etched into the metal

On the cartridge.. 11 15 567? possibly an S opposite the 15


Can anyone tell me anything more about it?








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It's a letter opener, not a dagger.  A piece of brass shell cartridge soldered to what I believe is a .303 bullet, dated November 1915.

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Hey John ,

Nice birthday present .


Yes i agree its a trench art letter opener , but i think the bullet is a German Mauser 7.92 .


My take on the markings are -

11 - November

15 - 1915

S -  Spitzgeschoss ( pointed bullet )

S67- Copper / Zinc alloy case


Might be wrong , often am .


Cheers   DD

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yes it’s a German rimless cartridge case whereas the British used rimmed cases


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