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Gallipoli 1st trip: advice needed


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I've been asked to take over planning of a 3-guy (all first-timers to the Turkish battlefields) trip to Gallipoli.for late October this year.


The plan is to fly into Istanbul, rent a car, drive down to Gallipoli and connect to a guide (?) who can give us a good 1-2 day overview of the main sites. We'd stay in the Gallipoli area for 2 full days (3 nights)....then return to Istanbul where'd we'd be joined by our wives for a further 3-4 days of general Turkey tourism


My friends specifically want to avoid the packaged Gallipoli thing where you get on a tour-bus in Istanbul....faff around umpteen hotels to pick people up etc.


So.....I'd be grateful for advice on:


a) the above plan (maybe you think there's no hassle with certain Istanbul packages to Gallipoli?)

b) Any recommendations for guides or guiding companies in the Gallipoli area

c) Is a 2-day guided tour necessary - or might we instead just have the guide for 1 full day getting the overview....and then the 3 of us spend Day 2 going back to some of the Day 1 locations on our own?

c) Any recommendations on where to stay (3 nights) in Gallipoli area. Luxury not necessary. We'd be v. happy with something adequate (with access to food & a bar)....maybe along the lines of Avril's/Ocean Villas (for those familiar with the Somme experience)


All comments gratefully received


Thanks in anticipation,



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With three distinct battlefields [Helles, Anzac & Suvla] then I doubt that two days touring will be enough, particularly if you are a party of first-timers, finding your way around. It may be possible to get a taste of the area, but do not imagine that it will be anything deeper or more significant than that.


Under ideal circumstances, I would recommend for a first time visit, one of the tours organised by a reliable company such as Battle Honours. This will help you to gain orientation on the battlefield and allow you to sort out areas which you want to examine in greater detail at a later date.


If such an approach is not possible, then I would suggest a serious examination of which of the three areas [Helles, Anzac & Suvla] is of the most importance to the group and concentrate on that for your 48 hours.


The battlefield guides published by Pen & Sword, and written by our GWF Pal, Krithia, [Stephen Chambers] are very useful


The very best battlefield accommodation in a perfect central location, is to be found with another GWF Pal, the plummed goose, [Eric Goossens] at The Gallipoli Houses

This website will give you some idea of the place [http://the-gallipoli-houses.eceabat.hotels-tr.net/en/] however it may be better to contact Eric direct via this forum when making a reservation. I was there again in May earlier this year and found everything absolutely first-class as usual. While there I met at least one other GWF Pal, and I know of others who have stayed there this year and all have come away completely satisfied.


Good luck



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We'd been to the penisula before and self toured the first time, though on the last occasion we were time poor and a mixed group and interests, so also wishing to see Troy, etc.


Crowded House Private Tours are based in Cannakale and we had the pleasure of Bulent Korkmaz, thoroughly knowledgable chap. A little expensive but we covered Helles....Suvla...and Anzac Cove areas over two or three days and some pare time thrown in to walk the battlefields on our own where they dropped us off and arranged to pick us up.


Good luck,



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