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Salonika Campaign Society - The Mosquito DVD

Gully Ravine

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Dear all


We made it!!


Here is news about a new resource that no one interested in the Salonika Campaign can afford to be without – The Mosquito DVD!


The Salonika Reunion Association was initiated in 1922 and began to publish its journal, The Mosquito, in 1927. Publication continued, uninterrupted, until 1969. 165 editions were issued totalling almost 5,000 pages, with 272,000 copies sold. As well as being a valuable record of the Association - it includes events, branch reports, membership lists and members' obituaries - there are fascinating first-hand accounts of the campaign and life with the BSF.


We have managed to secure a copy of each issue of The Mosquito and these are now available on DVD as individual, scanned .pdf files. The journals are searchable, but please note that 100% search accuracy is not guaranteed. There is some additional reading on the DVD, including a brief history of the Salonika Reunion Association as well as The Mosquito journals themselves. There is also an index to the journals.


The DVD price (including p&p) is £20.00 (UK) / £25.00 (non-UK).


If you wish to buy one, please contact me via https://salonikacampaignsociety.org.uk/contact-scs/




email me at scsmembership@outlook.com


We hope that this DVD will increase knowledge of the work of The Salonika Reunion Association and of the experiences of the BSF whilst helping to preserve the memory of all who served in the Salonika Campaign.




Keith Edmonds

Membership Secretary

Salonika Campaign Society

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I collected my copy from Keith today. I see a lot of reading agead of me.

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I hope you enjoy the journals.  May I tempt you with this special cricket test match result?  Australia - 16 all out.  England 23. 


If you ask me nicely I'll tell you which edition it appears in!  I did send the article to the BBC's Test Match Special team in the hope they might read it out on air - but no reply ...

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Please don't spoil the fun. I'll get there eventually, probably in the early spring if all goes well. There's so much to explore, and other tasks mean that I can't even dip in for a few more days.

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I'm up to 1929 and think that this little extract should maybe have a place in Skindles.



Party of nurses from Egypt just landed, met by other nurses on quay. While kits were being landed, Sisters permitted to visit Flocca's for tea. Voyage across and future prospects discussed.  From the general, conversation descended to the particular.


Old Timer to her New Comer vis-a-vis--  Who have you been nursing?


New Comer-- Oh, everybody, Australians from Gallipoli lately.


O.T. - Oh poor dear. Weren't they awfully rough?


N.C. - MY patients shave EVERY morning.


From - The Mosquito June 1929, Salonika Campaign Society DVD.


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