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Silver War Badges - Issued from where?

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Whilst looking into Infantry Records Offices [primarily at Shrewsbury] I have come across a suggestion that SWB might have been issued from RO and/or from elsewhere

Were there alternative / specialised offices for the issue/distribution of SWB?

  • Seeking known places from where SWB were issued please.

[especially for No. 4 Western District, where Shrewsbury had two RO in 1918/19 - and also for the Notts & Derby Regt. in mid-1916 (relating to a soldier of interest - not related to Shrewsbury in anyway so far as I know)]


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There were issued from all therecord offices. Preston, York, Litchfield, Hamilton, etc, etc. 

Look at the rolls on Ancestry if you have access. They are usually stamped with the district or office concerned page by page.

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