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WW1 TELESCOPE and Tripod No. 21 MK 5 TRIPOD (1916)

Steve Dunhill

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I have the following leather cased Scouts Regiments MK II sniper spotter telescope manufactured by B.C. & Co Ltd or BROADHURST CLARKSON & Co. Ltd. The short tripod manufactured by BLUNT & WRAY, LONDON 1916. The tripod has wooden legs with metal tips and is marked TRIPOD TELESCOPE No 21 MK5 (CIAI). The tripod has a leather top cover and strap for the legs with a canvas type strap.


Any information on the telescope and tripod! What CIAI stands for?


Thank you for any provided information...






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The Scout Reg is a WW2 telescope issued from August 1939 and still used till 1979. They're well-regarded as a general purpose scope, and BC&Co are a decent make.


Sorry, but I don't have much knowledge of tripods - there are some on here who have.

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