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JOhn Watts

A missing grandfather

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2 hours ago, Neale1961 said:

Some thoughts to consider or reject as you wish.


Thanks for those leads


1. I think we can ignore D Bruce as he was a Lance Cpl when he was killed. I am convinced that our man is an officer. It is unlikely that the subject of OP would have taken the trouble to get photographed as a Lt if he was not


2. 2nd Lt Andrew Fulton looked a possibility, but I found his photo and am pretty sure it is not him



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JOhn Watts

I'm going to have to pause my research for the weekend.  You've all been very helpful and I believe I have made good progress and possibly a breakthrough.


It is possible that David Bryce Grant is my cousins missing grandfather.  A lot of things seem to fit, never mind the change in surname. Memories do change over time!


I have ordered various military records and certificates to provide evidence and am building n Ancestry tree  if you care to take a look.  It is still very much work in progress - in due course each fact entered will be evidenced.





Final question for today.  David Bryce Grant passed out from Officer Cadet Unit on 28 Nov 1917 to be a 2nd Lieutenant in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.


Can anyone advise where I might find info on likely Officer Cadet Units. (Possibly based in Glasgow?)


Many Thanks


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