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130th siege battery RGA Salonika

Louise Passey

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I am trying to find out more information about the 130 siege battery and their involvement in Salonika. My great grandfather who survived the war was a Gunner and I believe he left England in August 1916. Any information would be appreciated.

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Hi Louise and welcome to the forum, 
I have had a look in 'Official History of the Great War Military Operations Macedonia' volumes 1 and 2 and found the following entries for the 130th Siege Battery


Volume I

P142 Embarked for Salonika end of July 1916
P162 Sept 1916 Allocated to XXXVII (37th) Heavy Group XII (12th) Corps


This ties in with what you know.


P246 1 Section of 130th Siege Battery moved to Kakaraska (Struma valley)
P298 March 1917 moved from the Struma Valley to the Doiran front 


The above suggests they were based in the Struma valley until March 1917 when they moved to the Doiran sector in preparation for the 1st battle of Doiran (April 1917), 130th contributed to the artillery bombardment for this battle.


Volume II

P208 130th Siege battery allocated to LXXV (75th) Bde RGA attached to XVI (16th) Corps
P234 130th Siege battery brought into action on the Petric road in the Strumica valley.


The above suggests they provided artillery bombardment, probably in support of the Greeks, at the second battle of Doiran September 1918 before moving forward as part of the pursuit of the retreating Bulgarians. Then being brought into action at Petric in the Strumica valley on the 29th September 1 day before the Bulgarians signed an armistice and surrendered the next day.


If you are interested in finding out more then I would recommend you get a copy of 'Under the Devil's Eye' Alan Wakefield & Simon Moody, the definitive book on the British campaign in Salonika.


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The war diaries of 130th Siege Battery, RGA are available at The National Archives but not for downloading online.  Sept 1916-Mar 1919 (WO 95/4795) and Apr 1919-Oct 1919 (WO 95/4952). 

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Hi, Louise. 

I wrote an unpublished history of the unit which in the Great War was 130 Siege Battery (now 22 Battery) so if you are still researching I can forward more details. 


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