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Medals and Plaque & Scroll to different people: What were the regulations?

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Apparently the medals and plaque and scroll of George Christie, 706898, 54 CEF were allocated to different people. See the page from his record below:



Maggie Christie was his half sister. He gave her as his next of kin on his attestation form. (She wasn't actually his next of kin as there were full siblings.)

He made a will leaving everything to her.

If I am reading this document correctly the medals were allocated to Maggie Christie (presumably following the terms of the will), but the plaque and scroll were allocated to James Christie since he was the next of kin as he was a full brother.


Have I got this right?

Were there different rules for who received the medals and the plaque & scroll?




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In the British Army, to distribute the plaque & scroll the army sent out form W5080 in 1919/20 to the next of kin.  This had the soldiers name prefilled, and asked for details of the soldiers relations, with seperate sections for half relations & full relations.  This was then witnessed & countersigned by a vicar, minister, magistrate etc. Thus if this form revealed a full brother, then I assume he was considered to be the recepient of the plaque.

Discussed on this thread including, one ministers thoughts on this duplication of paperwork.



Parts of an example of a form W5080 is in post on 13 this thread. The full form is with the service papers of that soldier on ancestry.



Happy to be corrected but I believe medals were sent to NOK at the address on soldiers service papers. War gratuity & outstanding back pay/allowances went to the person specified in the soldiers will if they made one.


This all of course may differ for Canada.

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