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Hi. Does anyone have any information on the German guardship HERZOGIN ELIZABETH, that operated in the Cameroon river 1914. Thank you

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Government Steam Yacht. Armed.

On the 9th September HMS DWALF reports firing on her and causing fires on board, at some point she was sunk/scuttled.

Salvaged on 30.10.1914 and renamed Margaret Elizabeth.

Armed with 1x12pdr, 2x6pdr, 2x machine guns though this may be as a RN ship.

In May 1916 she was transferred on loan to the French administration in Duala.


Not a lot, sorry. 

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She entered service on 7th May 1902, built by Meyer, Pappenburg, armed with 1 x 5.2cm gun, scuttled in the mouth of the river Wouri on 27th September 1914 to avoid falling into allied hands. Named after Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Oldenburg.



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charlie2, Thanks for that, it would seem that almost the entire German colonial 'navy' was built by Mayer's.

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