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Hello. Looking for any information no matter how small, on the engagement between HMS DWARF and German armed steamer NACHTIGAL , that took place in the Cameroon river 16. September 1914. Thank You  

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In fact there are literally hundreds of reports in British press. You can read them on FmP, and I suggest you go through them. There are presumably more eye-witness reports




And I like



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Many thanks corisande for all your help. This is a great start to my research.

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Holger Kotthaus


You will find the German point of view (Also with a correct historical background)



The above mentioned Wikipedia-description based on an original report from the Captain

of the Government steamer “Nachtigal”, Captain Lieutenant Peter Wendling. “Command to ram”

The two photos of the “Nachtigal” are the only ones I know. There exist also a small sketch.

Source: “Deutsche Flagge über Sand und Palmen“, Werner v. Langsdorf, Verlag C.

Bertelsmann Gütersloh, 1938


Cheers Holger

Captain Peter Wendling.JPG

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Just found a further picture from the “Nachtigal”


Left in the background the Governorate steamer / Guard ship “Herzogin Elisabeth“, which was

sunk on 27.09.1914, later lifted and used under British or French flag as “Margaret Elisabeth”.


French flag?



British flag?




Original Source: http://www.ub.bildarchiv-dkg.uni-frankfurt.de/CD/7101/3162/3869/7101_3162_3869_0027.jpg


Cheers Holger

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