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X-check information on killed nurses

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Good Morning all,


quick questionning of a diary… probably mistaken, but I'd like to cross-check just to be sure.

Beatrice Hopkinson's war diary, edited by Dr Vivien Newman in her book "Nursing through shot and shell", mentions around New Year 1917-18 (she was at St Omer at the time) "We also had about Twenty Australian sisters who had come down from CCS which had been badly bombed; they told us that three of their sisters had been killed, along with quite a number of patients" (p74)


Now we know that N° 1 and 2 Australian CCS were co-localised in Blendecques at the end of 1917 and that in July they were bombed and four sisters received the Military Medal for their work that day… that's a far cry from being killed.

I also have nothing in my lists of women who died in France and Belgium to confirm the death of four australian nurses in 1917.


So either Beatrice is completely mistaken in TIMINGS (nurses were evacuated to St Omer from 1 & 2 Australian CCS but that was in JULY) or the stories told were just exaggerated and these lines in her diary are the result of rumours…


Anybody have information about this?




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