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WW1 Cap Badge ID


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It's that bit in the middle which is causing me problems for DLI, also the configuration if the top (have been puzzling over this pic on a sister forum, can't make it out). Blurry shake, or something more significant?



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Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry methinks too.

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Definitely not KSLI. I agree with Frogsmile

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4 hours ago, PhilB said:

Looks a bit old for 3 years of active infantry service as a private! Respect!


He might well be a recalled reservist who earned good conduct during a short service engagement previously.

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17 minutes ago, Muerrisch said:

The chevrons are Overseas service, not Good Conduct of course.


Yes, mea culpa, I missed that Muerrisch, responding in error to PhilB’s words rather than the photo.  Never a good idea!

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