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Non-Commonwealth Soldiers at Tyne Cot

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Hello all,

I'm a CWGC intern working at Tyne Cot til November.

From speaking to many Dutch and Belgian folk i keep hearing 'rumours' and stories of Dutch soldiers being buried at the site and remembered on the memorial wall after fighting and falling for a commonwealth army. However, no one seems to know their names or where they are located. Does anyone have an ideas or knowledge on this or an opinion on whether this could be true?

I already know where the Belgian, Czech and 'Japanese' soldiers are in the cemetery but we get so many visitors from the Netherlands that it would be great to be able to tell them a story about their countrymen.


Thanks for any help I get,


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Welcome to the Forum 


none that i’m aware of, no doubt you have had a look at the CWGC database. 


I know the Japanese Soldier but then again, he wasn’t a Japanese Soldier, he may have been born in Japan and was actually serving in the British and Empire forces at the time of his death. 


There are many cases like that of men being born in a country but never served in that country’s armed forces 




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