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Complete British Officer's Equipment

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Hi everyone,

For a few years I've been trying to put together a complete set of British Officer's Equipment from WW1, I've found enough information on the Sam Brown kit etc but can't find anything about the other smaller bits of kit they would have had, like the contents of haversacks etc

So if anyone had any information or knew where to look, it would be much appreciated! 

Thank you

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Paddy 60th

Hi There,

Typical items carried by an officer would be - compass, map case, small trench periscope, torch, binoculars and a whistle.

There are two excellent books by Peter Doyle and Chris Foster - ' Remembering Tommy' and ' What Tommy Took to War '.  Another excellent book  by Peter Doyle is ' Tommy's War '.

Really good colour pictures in all these.

Two more books with a wealth of info and great pics are  - ' British Uniforms and Equipment of the Great War 1914-18 ' Vol 1  by John Bodsworth  and  ' Campaign Volume 1 1914 ' by Chris Pollendine.

May also be worth checking out The Imperial War Museums website.

Hope this helps


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Try to get a copy of Field Service Manual, 1914: Infantry Battalion (Expeditionary Force) - it's all listed there under Field Kits, Dismounted Officers.


An online version is here, albeit a bit awkward to read and doesn't print (that I can see):







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earl War Sam Browne you would have double crossed straps or braces, brace attachments, sword frog, strap supporting sword, water bottle, haversack, greatcoat carrier and greatcoat. You may even see the odd Prideau speedloader case to name but a few.


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