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Am transcribing the diary for the 45th Infantry Brigade, August, 1916.


29/8/1916 Tuesday  Contalmaison


45th Infantry Brigade Operation Order . 115.


(1) On the night of the 29th/30th August the 45th Infantry Brigade will capture the Intermediate Line S.2.d.1½.6½. S.2.d.1.6.-S.2.c.9.9. (2) This operation will be carried out by 11th A & SH. (3) The 6/7th R.S.F. ("B" Bn) will relieve the 13th R.S. ("A" Bn) tomorrow the 29th August under arrangements to be made between O's. O. ? concerned. The relief to be completed by 9.30 a.m. (4) During the 29th August up till 11.00 p.m. a slow continuous rate of fire will be maintained by the 18-pdrs on the Intermediate Line. 45th TMB and medium TM's will co-operate in this slow bombardment. This trench will be engaged by the Heavy Artillery between the hours of 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. during which period the infantry will be 200 yards from any portion of the Intermediate Line. (5) At an hour to be settled between O's. C. concerned, the O.C. 6/7th R.S.F. will arrange that the following trenches are vacant. (a) New trench along East edge of road in S.2.a. and S.2.c. (b) Pioneer Alley. Should this necessitate the 6/7th R.S.F. closing to their left Welch Alley must not be garrisoned. (6) The O.C. 11th A & SH will notify Bde HQ by 5.00 p.m. the hour that he will commence moving forward from Shelter Wood so that the necessary control posts can be placed to keep Pearl and Welch Alleys clear of traffic. There will be no movement in the open during the day. (7) The infantry will assault ay Zero at which hour the following lines will be heavily barraged. (a) S.2.d.1.6.-S.2.c.9.9. (b) S.2.a.7½.3½.-S.2.b.0.2.-S.2.b.½.½.-S.2.d.2.9.-S.2.d.4.8. and the hostile trench at S.2.d.5.8. (c) The road in S.2.b. The heavy artillery will also engage suspected hostile MG in S.3.a. (8) At Zero plus 2 minutes (a) will cease and the 46th Infantry Brigade will assist by bombing west from their block in the Intermediate Line. (9) At Zero plus 32 minutes all barrages will lift on to the usual night barrage lines, and at Zero plus 47 minutes will gradually slacken to the usual rate of fire. (10) The ultimate line to be consolidated runs from the prolongation of Sanderson Trench east (S.2.a.8.1½.) to the prolongation of Clark's Trench west (S.3.a.0.0.) This line will be consolidated by the 6/7th R.S.F. and will be accomplished by the construction of strong posts. The 45th Bde will be responsible for three strong posts west of the road running north and south through S.2.b. and S.2.d. The most eastern post will be touching the road. (11) Zero hour, the O.C. 6/7th R.S.F. will arrange to have the necessary working, covering parties assembled in Sanderson Trench. The O.C. 91st Fld Coy R.E. will be responsible that these strong posts are dug in the correct alignment. (12) The 6/7th R.S.F. will not file out of Sanderson Trench until the O.C. 11th A & SH has reported that the objective has been gained. In any case this will not be before Zero plus 45 minutes. (13) These stronger posts will remain occupied by day. The parties detailed to dig them will therefore be in possession of sufficient food, water, and ammunition. (14) The 9/Gordons (Pioneers) will provide parties to dig through the following communication trenches: (a) Old German Trench S.½.-S.2.d.¾.5½ (b) Prolong sap from S.2.d.4.4½. north along east side of road to Intermediate Lineat S.2.c.9.9. Further orders will be issued regarding these parties. (15) Separate instructions will be issued as regards bomb stores, S.A.A. and water. (16) Arrangements for synchronizing watches will be notified later. (17) Password will be "Banff". (18) Zero Hour will be 12.00 midnight.


Operation Order 116





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