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Records Office, Shrewsbury


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Trying to clarify something please:

  • Where was the Record Office in Shrewsbury located in 1919? (at a singular or at multiple location(s)? - and date(s) and units covered, as appropriate, please) = Address(es) please.

And was it the sole RO or were there other RO in Shrewsbury? - I have seen a reference to "No. 2 Records Office, Shrewsbury" - is this indicative of more than one in Shrewsbury or is it just that No.2 was in Shrewsbury and No. 1 and the other ones were elsewhere in the country?

If there were other RO in Shrewsbury, where were these also located? (other details, as above, if necessary)




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Just in case someone was tempted to reply "Shrewsbury"!
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