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War Deaths in the Indian Services 1914-1921


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I hope this post is in an appropriate place on the GWF.


Recently I was asked to look at a document held in our Library (Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies) entitled "War Deaths in the Indian Services 1914-1921." This document is a typed copy of the index held at the GRO (General Register Office of England and Wales), I think the only overseas index not published on microfiche by the said GRO some years ago or available on the internet. I am not sure whether this is an official copy, or one made by a zealous researcher, but it does appear to be the only copy outside the GRO itself.


I decided to undertake a transcription into a spreadsheet, which is in progress. As part of that I have looked up several entries in the CWGC databases, and there are differences (which is to be expected because the GRO list is "static" while the CWGC database is "dynamic." I also Googled a few names.


Google revealed the existence of a third list, published in "The Calcutta Gazette" of 31st March 1920. This is also a "static" list, and it also differs from the other two. Although it does not cover the same date range, or give dates or years of death, it does have much more detail about the unit in which the particular officer was serving at the time of his decease - particularly "attachments." It also gives the names of Indian officers as well as British, and includes sections on members of the Indian Civil Service who died as well as those serving in the Indian Army and the Royal Indian Marine. There are various sections, and the lists are sorted first by rank and then (approximately) alphabetically. It may be of use to those with a particular interest in officers who were with the Indian Services.


The list may be accessed on two websites, as follows:

https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.515435/page/n1823 and http://dspace.wbpublibnet.gov.in:8080/jspui/bitstream/10689/17669/25/Chapter25_663-356p.pdf



"Marvellous Melbourne"

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Thanks for posting Noel. A valuable find.


I have also located the same list which was published in the Calcutta Gazette, in it's original publication in the Gazette of India Extraordinary,  18 March 1920.



If names are difficult to read in one digital file, hopefully they will be clearer in the other digital file(s). The two links provided by Noel appear to originate from the same digital file, although different URLs.






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