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Gommecourt Battlefield Study

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Hi all - am visiting France in a few weeks and keen to walk the ground my Great Uncle took on 1 Jul 1916 as part of the 5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters.  Any tips, maps, pics would be greatly appreciated.

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There are some good reports in the 46th & 56th Div. diaries if you have access to Ancestry.



DSC09762 copy.jpg

DSC09759 copy.jpg

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Have look at this book, which is previewed on Google




it’s a very detailed analysis of the 46th North Midlands Division’s action at Gommecourt. 


You can find trench maps here




You may need to manipulate the map and search the drop down menu to find one close to 1 July 1917


Good luck. It’s a fascinating place to visit and walk round. 



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Could the mods combine the threads AM87 has posted concerning the same request.



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Michelle Young

Threads merged to avoid repetition of information.


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Here are the modern conversions for Andy's map, roughly using the centre of each square:


Unit Map Sheet Latitude Longitude
5th Leic. R (attached 137 Bde) Sheet 57d.E.21.d.40.70 50.15216 2.63329
139 Bde Sheet 57d.E.21.d.18.44 50.15107 2.63192
8th Sher. For Sheet 57d.E.21.c.70.40 50.15086 2.62886
6th Sher. For Sheet 57d.E.22.c.30.30 50.1506 2.63911
5th Sher. For Sheet 57d.E.22.d.20.10 50.14986 2.6449
7th Sher. For Sheet 57d.E.22.d.60.40 50.15113 2.64741
137 Bde Sheet 57d.E.27.b.75.96 50.14915 2.63564
1/5th M.Staff.R Sheet 57d.E.27.b.60.80 50.14848 2.63471
1/6th S.Staff.R Sheet 57d.E.27.b.90.50 50.14727 2.63667
1/6th S.Staff.R Sheet 57d.E.28.a.30.10 50.14567 2.63929
1/5th M.Staff.R Sheet 57d.E.28.a.60.60 50.14775 2.64113
1/4th Linc. R. Sheet 57d.E.27.d.10.0 50.14103 2.63178
1/3rd Lon. R. Sheet 57d.K.3.d.30.0 50.13283 2.63335
1/5th Lon. (Rifle Bde) Sheet 57d.K.10.a.50.80 50.13212 2.64106
1/2nd Lon. (R Fus) Sheet 57d.K.10.a.10.30 50.13003 2.63857
1/10th Lon. (Q.W.R.) Sheet 57d.K.10.a.70.40 50.1305 2.64239
1/9 Lon. R  (Q.V.R.) Sheet 57d.K.10.b.20.40 50.13055 2.64559
169 Bde Sheet 57d.K.9.b.55.05 50.1308 2.63503
1/7th Midde R. Sheet 57d.K.9.c.90.80 50.12786 2.63097
1/1st Lon.  Sheet 57d.K.9.d.90.20 50.12549 2.63746
1/12th Lon. R  (Rangers) Sheet 57d.K.10.c.90.60 50.12723 2.64379
168 Bde Sheet 57d.K.10.d.25.48 50.12677 2.64605
1/10th Lon. R  (Kensingtons) Sheet 57d.K.10.d.30.10 50.12521 2.64642
1/4th Lon. R  (R. Fus) Sheet 57d.K.10.d.70.70 50.12772 2.64889
1/4th Lon. R  (Lon. Scottish) Sheet 57d.K.11.c.0.10 50.12528 2.6509
167 Bde Sheet 57d.K.15.b.17.95 50.12439 2.63283
46th Div HQ (St Amand) Sheet 57d.D.9.d.3.3 50.16576 2.55533
56th Div HQ (Souastre) Sheet 57d.D.22.c.6.3 50.14946 2.56427



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