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German Map Symbols -Artillery?


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Can anyone help me to identify the German symbols show on the photos below please?

The common form is an arrow with one crossbar and an arc between its tail fins. I think this is a 13cm gun. But others have a circle or a cranked bar (like a battery symbol) drawn at the tip of the point. 

These are hand drawn on two adjacent maps, in the same hand, in the Roye area at the time of the Battle of Amiens, 1918. They seem to represent the day by day locations of the author's unit. On one map the arrows are all in red, correct for a gun. On another they are all in blue, although he obviously had a red pencil.

If anyone can interpret these symbols I will be most grateful.

Thank you,







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<--|--o  = mittlerer Mörser (middle mortar) in modern symbolic, why should they change it?

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