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Mallender 123 Coy MGC


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I have lots of references to this chap who was in 123 Coy MGC.  He was apparently a 'valet' before the war - but I can't find him (no Service No or even first name !) but I have a photograph of him......


Does anyone know him  ?



Scott Hanson Mallender.jpg

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Hi Julian,


I see you've been on the case for 15 years!


I did find a possibility on the 1911 census, a Charles Mallender, born c1885 in Lillingstone Darrett, Buckinghamshire. He was a valet for Charles James Merrett in Westminster.  There is a medal card for 28982 Charles Mallinder, MGC.  


The only other MGC man with a similar name was 171236 Arthur Mallinder.

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28982 has a record for admission to 139 Field Amb on 1/6/1919. 3y 1m service. Admitted for scabies. Unit given as 41st Battalion MGC. 123 Coy according to LLT moved into 41 Batt. 17/3/18. So this man should be seen as a strong candidate. Age shown as 34.

The  valet identified by IPT is 26 in 1911. So that means could well be 28982. 

Possibly the man living in St Pancras area in 1939 born 19/8/1884. He seems to die in St Pancras area in1948.

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Hi All

Born 19th August, 1884 died 1948., one of 4 children to Aliean or Alvan  and Sarah. 1911 census he is a boarder with  Charles James Merrett BUT he was only a cabman and had 3 others boarding as well. So a "Valet" Charles Mallender was but I don't think it was for Charles Merrett, his  previous occupation was a Wine cellarman. Charles Mallender's father above had been a coachman / groom in service so possibility Charles became a valet as a result.

Regards Barry

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Rolls show class z res 3/8/19. Medal Roll slows an i after the 2 Ls in surname. It is an a in the FA admission record.

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Yes, slightly over 11 years ! but I’ve only just (semi) retired so I’ve got more time to pursue this project (and others !).


Brilliant, thanks I did wonder if it was Mallinder rather than Mallender !  His number fits precisely – I knew about Hands but there are four others (excluding Mallinder).


Arliss, Pte, Clifford  28969                (in SDGW as Artiss !)  

   Bn East Ham. Formerly G/24223 Royal Fusiliers, KIA 26.9.17  


Baker, Cpl       possibly Joseph  28972          forms garrison  12.3.17 


Hands, L/Cpl John Harry, 28981       

Birmingham. Formerly 1262 Ox & Bucks L.I.  KIA 31.7.17 aged 24


Judson, Cpl Thomas, 28976               

Nantwich.  Formerly 4439 Royal Fus. DoW 24.9.16  aged 26

Mallinder, Pte Charles, 28982. Bn Buckinghamshire 19.08.1884, said to have been a valet. Died St Pancras, London, 1948. To 139 FA on 1/6/1919 for scabies. (3y 1m service) Servant to AMcKR from April 1917


Robson, Pte William, 28971, 

enl. South Tottenham, 24424 Royal Fus.,  KIA 20.2.17 aged 20


I went through all the 139FA entries but (stupidly) only stopped at March 1918 – I’ll go back for more the old 123 was now B Coy 41 Bn MGC.


Actually, the biggest group are those beginning 3033xx. At least one of these was a ‘original’ – ie in the Company before it went overseas.

I have 148 ORs identified with 123 Coy but I have a lot more work to do.


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