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claim by 14 Sqn 4 Aug 1916?

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I noticed this on the other Air site and wondered about the claim?


in TSTB stands, that the following combat occurred on 02 August 1916:

The Pilot of DH1A 4609 of 14 Squadron attacked a "Fokker" at 4 pm. By this fight the own machine takes a hit in the fuel tank (fuel tank hit shot down but recovered) near Romani. The crew, Lt. MacLaren/Lt. TJ West, ok. German aircraft was forced to land near Salmana. German crew was Lt. H. Henkel (Merkel?)/Oblt. Stalter of FA 300b. 

This was the first Allied claim in air fighting over the Egyptian front


This is possibly


Henkell (Henckel)  Hans    Lt    Pilot Airforce Jasta 300 4-16 (Pfalz E1 4-16)     1916's    from FAA 211 first flew over Suez 4-16 shot down 2/Lt Brown in a Bristol Scout 11-8-16 near Bir el Abd RTG 8-16 later served briefly in the Luftwaffe in WW2 died 1956


Stalter (Salter) Karl    ObLt    observer Airforce Jasta 300 4-16     1916-17    from FAA 2 friend & observer to Henkel  RTG 2-17

I can see no combat at that date?


Any ideas?



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